New brand, new website

February 25th, 2014


OK so you got this far, and let’s say you don’t know who I am. Let’s start from the beggining. My name is Panagiotis Grigoropoulos (also known as Pantso with close friends) and I am an 30 year old front-end developer and web designer. I was born and raised in Athens, Greece, and I have worked for some of the biggest web agencies in Greece. I currently live in Gerakas, Athens, and work for Tribal Worldwide Athens.

I thought that it was about time to finalize the thoughts in my head

So the aim for this redesign is simple. I thought that it was about time to finalize the thoughts in my head and get everything done the way they should have been done long ago. And so, this website was made.

Think of it as my little corner of shameless self-promotion. A place where I can write about what’s on my mind, what I work with at various times, and elaborate on the way I like to develop and design web things.

What’s the blog all about

Here apart from my work and services, you will find thoughts around web design and development, code samples, and case studies on projects I’ve worked on. Feel free to contact me for any reason, using the contact form in the homepage.

About the selection of my works in the homepage

The websites presented in the homepage section My Work, is but a part of the projects I’ve worked on. If for any reason you need to see more of my work, or have questions about what I can do for you, feel free to contact me via the contact form in the homepage.

Thank you for stopping by, and see you all very soon


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